[Bug 279] Appmanager crush when install packages

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Fri Mar 16 09:38:04 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From songcw at fic-sh.com.cn  2007-03-16 09:38 -------
After more test with Ken_Zhao, we found that the libipkg will fork some new
processes to complete the installing. And the libipkg will send them a "SIGTERM"
signal to terminal them.

If run the openmoko-appmanager from the console, the processes that libipkg
forked remain at memory after they complete their jobs, and the status of them
is "Z"(use the ps).

If launch the openmoko-appmanager from the matchbox-desktop, the processes that
libipkg forked will automatically terminate after they complete their jobs. So
the process id of them will be invailid. Send a "SIGTERM" signal to an invailid
process cause the openmoko-appmanager crush.

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