[Bug 212] Charging seems completely broken

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Wed Mar 21 20:13:35 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From mickey at vanille-media.de  2007-03-21 20:13 -------
Quoting Nils Färber from the mailing list today:

I just recognised a little issue with battery charging...

Yesterday I put the NEO on the charger and let it boot. It booted up
fine and started charging the battery.

Today when I returned to my desk the NEO was constantly rebooting, i.e.
the splash showed up for a second, then went dark again, stayed dark for
about three to four seconds and started over again.

One possible way to explain this could be that after charging was
finished last night the charger was switched off and the device put back
into battery mode not using the AC adapter at all anymore. Subsequently
the battery drained completely until this morning which causes the
(know) reboot cycle.

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