[Bug 210] "now" causes frequent rebuilds and fills disks

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Sat Mar 31 19:55:21 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From henryk at ploetzli.ch  2007-03-31 19:55 -------
Status update: I have some temporary fix in place which is good enough to work
and for example is in MokoMakefile. This includes a modified base.bbclass in
which is in openmoko svn and a patched bitbake 1.6.6 with patch

Note that this is not the right way as appending to PR is not something that
should be done.

I had a discussion on bitbake-devel about how this should be done and am
currently implementing a more elegant solution in bitbake 1.8. (Reason for 1.8
and not 1.6: Some of the changes which I already made locally have already
independently made in bitbake 1.8, reducing the amount of code changes.)

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