[Bug 95] verify charger current and battery temperature reading correctness

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------- Additional Comments From laforge at openmoko.org  2007-03-31 22:20 -------
the level fluctuation can actually be quite normal, given the amount of
non-constant-current consumers.   There are a number of DC/DC converters clocked
at high rate, lots of digital consumers that have very dynamic power
requirements, etc.

The ADC value for charger current reading is an instantaneous single sample
reading.  I guess it would need some kind of low-pass filtering to get rid of
the transients.

As for the actual value: I have verified the calculations a number of times. 
Somebody with a usb current probe (Werner?) should probablt do measurements to
determine if those readings are correct (and we draw too muhc power), or
incorrect (we have some hardware or software problem)

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