[Bug 207] DFU mode should only be enabled when in "911 key" mode

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Thu May 24 13:25:54 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From elrond+bugzilla.openmoko.org at samba-tng.org  2007-05-24 13:25 -------
In the none-AUX-button mode, there is still the CDC-ACM usb-serial console,
which lets you do exactly the same without any authentication.
So making DFU only available in AUX-button-mode is only a light barrier.

Also after adding the udfu signaure on the u-boot images, the major risk with
DFU is only at the "destroy kernel/rootfs/env" level. Which is a lot better.

Nevertheless, if this request gets implemented, I'd like a "dfu enable" command
inside u-bnoot, so I don't need to press the aux button when I just want to do
DFU after a reboot. (I do that sometimes to test kernels by just loading them
into RAM and booting them there, lots faster than flashing them.)

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