[Bug 583] create an alsa state file that routes system audio to bluetooth

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Tue May 29 16:47:09 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From marcel at holtmann.org  2007-05-29 16:47 -------
Going through the HCI interface of the Bluetooth USB driver consumes probably
even more power. The SCO frames are using USB ISOC URBs for transmission. These
produce a big overhead. This would mean that the USB bus would have to really
busy. For the headset use case for example the number of control, interrupt and
bulk URBs is very small.

The other thing is latency since we have to do a lot copy to get the audio data
from one daemon into the other one. For the desktop we might be okay with that,
but the small Neo1973 device it is a bad idea.

So yes, the audio (SCO frames) from the Bluetooth chip should go directly into
the codec via the chip's PCM interface and then routed according to the codec

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