[Bug 765] Factory Reset writes wrong environment

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------- Additional Comments From laforge at openmoko.org  2007-10-15 09:13 -------
So, I've now made one minor change to u-boot: Set the usbtty as default console
in the compiled-in environment
since I think this already helps quite a bit.  This means if the environment
pointer (dynenv set) is not set, or set incorrectly, or the environment
partition empty or corrupted, it will fall back on usbtty.

If the environent was artificially altered to remove the menu options, or
otherwise break usbtty, then you always have the option of pressing the AUX key
and get into DFU capable mode.  From there you can either erase the u-boot_env
partition, or write something useful to it - both ways making usbtty acceessible

In theory I agree that the usbtty/serial options should be compiled in.
But making the menu-items compiled-in is a bit ugly, since all the existing
users, with existing environment would suddently see those options twice.  So
I'm a bit reluctant to change that, unless we have a reliable and proven/tested
"environmental cleaner" script utilizing dfu-util and envedit (from
devirginator), as outlined in

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