[Bug 593] audio doesn't survive suspend/resume

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------- Additional Comments From graeme at openmoko.org  2007-10-16 08:23 -------
We dont have to go to ASoC V2, the change is also in ASoC V1 git, and requires
basically replacing soc.c and soc-dapm.c with ones from git with corresponding
headers. I think codec and machine drivers are unaffected.

The problem I was having at Wolfson was ASoC V1 tree is dead now, ASoC V2 will
be the basis for all new development. But ASoC V2 hasnt reached release status yet.

The fix is the core has to keep track of all currently running PCM streams and
send a SUSPEND command to them on suspend and and RESUME command to them on
resume otherwise they are still playing over suspend and get upset. It did not
do this in the ASoC version used in Neo kernel.

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