[Bug 176] libgsmd need a mechanism to avoid dead waiting.

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Tue Oct 16 21:01:00 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From memb_moko_bz at mikini.dk  2007-10-16 21:00 -------
Could you confirm whether this modem sleep mode may be the one that causes gsmd
to periodically (haven't got the impression that it happens after a constant
time, though) assess that the modem is dead, when otherwise connected correctly
to network:

Sat Oct 13 10:06:20 2007 <1> gsmd.c:78:alive_tmr_cb() gsmd_alive timer expired
Sat Oct 13 10:06:20 2007 <8> gsmd.c:81:alive_tmr_cb() modem dead!

This happens even though unsolicited messages (signal strength and LAC/CI) keep
beeing received and parsed correctly. I can see that, when this occurs, every at
command sent to the modem is unanswered at gsmd/libgsmd level. 

Does the patch cover this case? Or isn't the modem in sleep mode in this situation?

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