[Bug 894] gsmd locks-up if libgsmd-tool disconnects too quickly

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Add libgsmd-tool -m shell -w switch.

This adds a -w/--wait switch that will make libgsmd-tool -m shell execute some
of the commands "synchronously" i.e. wait for the final response for each of
the commands before exiting.  This is in order to allow libgsmd-tool -m shell
to be used in scripts or with a commandline like the one given by Pavel for
quick hacks (*).  Note that it will wait infinitely if the modem is not
responding.  I added this functionality only for shell commands that I knew how
to determine the final response for.

(*) Quick hack, because this is definitely not the proper way to use
libgsmd-tool.  As I understand libgsmd-tool is only a test tool for developers
and this is why we don't care much about it segfaulting on illegal input etc. 
The proper way to use gsmd is through normal libgsmd calls, e.g. using the
python bindings if you must.

Both patches apply on top the patches from OE plus attachment #355. This one
goes on top of attachment #358.

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