[Bug 707] modem/gsmd does not start in a reliable way (if at all) on boot

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Thu Oct 18 11:25:45 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From memb_moko_bz at mikini.dk  2007-10-18 11:25 -------
Does this mean gsmd runs stable for you once started manually?
I have similar experiences as Giles, except I can get up and running, do some 
network action (dial/sms/query operator etc), but suddenly gsmd seems not to 
receive responses to any commands issued from the host. Unsolicited messages, 
however, including LAC/CI, signal quality and ring is parsed correctly by gsmd.
Evantually, gsmd kills itself when the alive check is done.

My idea was that some buffering and/or mapping might go wrong deep in gsmd 
(seems that #574 was something similar). But I would like to know whether the 
sleep issue in firmware I-Fan Chen describes in #176 might cause something 
similar, before investing time in analysing the buffering. Maybe some of you, 
mickey/harald?, can confirm whether the Calypso can be in sleep mode at this 
point at all.

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