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           Summary: Just some cool ideas I have been joting down.
           Product: OpenMoko
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows XP
            Status: NEW
          Severity: wishlist
          Priority: P2
         Component: Applications & Dependencies
        AssignedTo: mickey at vanille-media.de
        ReportedBy: rolyataylor2 at yahoo.com
                CC: buglog at lists.openmoko.org

Ive been sitting tired after work and had a few ideas about the phone mostly
software ideas, some hardware ideas. I would love to hear what you guys think
about the ideas and how difficult or impossible they would be. 

1. GPS related games, find certain locations Easter egg hunt style, maybe city
based and time based, people could play and might run into each other because of
the time base, of course internet to communicate new events.

2. Current events for GPS, concerts, shows, restaurants, maybe personal events;
parties, church events, gatherings, a program that allows you to broadcast your
event and send messages to people telling them about the events, subscription or
friend based or both.

3. Moko messaging; text messaging using WIFI so it would be free, between Moko
phones. Also the message system could be set up to allow applications to notify
the user of stuff without having to run in the foreground.

4. Link phone to Myspace using myspace IM protocol (maybe firefox plugin) “What
I’m doing now” option integrated. Youtube, AOL IM, yahoo IM, msn IM

5. Flickr image uploader.

6. Share videos and pictures similar to Miro (Open source TV)

7. Echo location or hide and seek based on GPS game. You could have a group of
friends hide in a small town or city and use the GPS to detect them using a
radar-like system. (Maybe put items on the GPS map that you can “Pick up” by
hitting a button and it increased the radar range and stuff). Real life FPS
capability, use GPS or accelerometer to use Moko as gun to tag friends.

8. Push to talk over WIFI, phone calls over WIFI, 

9. WII Mote emulation, so you can use the Moko as a WII controller

10. Fun items hidden on GPS maps, maybe a tourist feature, so you can hear info
about things using WIFI, SD, or TTS in combination with tourist info to describe
the place. Maybe people can drop locations that are hidden and when someone gets
in range of that place it sends a pop up to the phone with the note, image or
video left by the person. Would need some sort of content filtering. Tresure
chest hunt, when in range notice of the objects location is sent to the user

11. Wikipedia support with pokedexish abilities (have no idea how) maybe a
camera and image recognition program, or voice prompted Wikipedia, hitchhikers
guide style.

12. Ask XBMC team about their scripting system and see if you can use it for the
GUI of the phone, it is very flexible and can be customized by programmers
immensely, allowing people to personalize their phone more then just a few pics,
also talk with the community leader and maybe have them send a few coders to
your project.

13. Slightly bigger screen, maybe to cover the entire front of the phone, also
encase the phone in a durable plastic that would streamline the phone and would
increase durability of the phone.

14. Changing the rim of the phone to a translucent material that will refract
the light and diffuse it evenly through out it, then equip the phone with three
low power leds that are Red Green Blue so the outer edges can change color and
can be customized, maybe use the accelerometers to adjust brightness, when the
phone is moved it will light up more, or when the phone is in a certain position
it will activate or deactivate, maybe integrate light sensitive diode to detect
light and have the phone adjust lighting based on light available, in dark turn
up, in pitch black(pocket) turn off, same can be applied to the screen, gps,
other devices to save battery life.

15. Camera integration, 1 MP is fine, second camera in the phone would be cool
for video chat, put on the screen side. Also you could do face recognition for
some reason. Idea was from the Meizu m8.

16. Shoutcast integration would be cool, maybe by scripters when the scripting
language is incorporated, video shoutcast

17. Rss feeds that could edit or advertise in the theme, like a video game rss
could change the background to inform you of a release date, or maybe use the
Moko message system I suggested to message from the default screen.

18. Accessory option, usb keyboard, or usb gamepad addition, attatches and makes
the phone more of a game system shape so you can play games with buttons,
joysticks ect.

19. Buttons on the side of the phone, an next and previous button along with a
select button, helps massivly when changing volume and when ignoring calls, you
don’t even have to take the phone out of your pocket just hit the side button.

20. Software locking function of course

21. Unrecognized phone number code , if someone tries to dial a number that the
phone doesn’t recognize it will ask for a pass code, maybe a fingerprint reader
or some other security feature, panic alarm, when the phone is stolen you can
call it and hit a code number to set off a alarm, (yelling that it has been
stolen and need assistance), in the phone that will alarm and send notification
to authorities or a saved security email, use the GPS to give the location of
the phone, maybe a locating feature just in case you lose your phone,
call->enter code-> activate stolen mode that is invisible to the user. Emergency
contact via email informing of unauthorized dialing without code, use in
different or new locations, pass code to protect these security settings.
Quietly notify the owner with recorded phone conversations when the phone is in
stolen mode, records conversation and sends it to the security email. All these
features should be done quietly without notification to the user, that way when
the phone is stolen the owner can collect as much info about location, user that
may have stolen it and all that, maybe periodically send photos to the emergency
email. So that the image of the thief can be captured.

22. Calendar and events, obviously, maybe a quick note feature that you can use
to take an auditory or written note and the phone will remind you of it in an
hour or two to tell you to finish with the note.

23. Shopping guide (Very novelty) – when set you can take a photo of your face
and it will place that image at the top of the camera viewfinder allowing you to
mock try on clothes or other things, maybe green screen effect use bottom left
pixal to pick transparency color and then change all of that color to transparent

24. Open office

25. Movie mode that will minimize battery use by setting the phone to private
mode deactivating all hardware except screen and the processor under clocked.

26. Also check out a device called GP2X it has some features and such that are
similar to this phone, maybe talk with Gamepark Holdings to see if they could
help out with finding hardware or porting programs from the GP2X to the Moko

27. Easy install interface for windows, load programs to Micro SD so they can be
used, have the phone auto-detect applications and load them to the main menu or
where you decide on the windows interface.

I think the Moko would be the most awesome mobile device and could be that one
device that integrates people and technology together and helps people make
friends and keep connected. people could learn from it and expand it with their
own knowledge. also it could be used to find missing people with an emergency
mode, it could be used in business as the ultimate smart phone and pda. 

If you like my ideas I would make me smile to put my name in the thanks category
of whatever credits you have. I'd be very happy to offer more ideas if you want
me to.

Good Programing :)

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