[Bug 937] Qemu doens't want to flash images

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Mon Oct 22 08:41:49 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From kero at chello.nl  2007-10-22 08:41 -------
same on debian unstable. I've seen messed up typing on uboot-on-Neo, too.
Especially when I tried to change the charger, I could not type normally after
just one command (character typed only shows after the next character is typed)
Another occasion was when I pasted things with the mouse. Could it be
speed-related? tty baudrate? or another setting? of which all debian-derived
distros suffer?

NB: the link two posts earlier has no solutions.


PS: I split the flash script into five parts. Means I do not need five working
flashes in a row (which is a rare occurrence).

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