[Bug 50] Sound Event API

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------- Additional Comments From marcandre.lureau at gmail.com  2007-10-22 12:32 -------
That's true. But it's not a complex library, it could be quickly implemented for
the basic stuffs, IMHO.

Though the more I discuss and think about it, the more I think libcanberra is an
"event API" more than a "sound" API.

Since libnotify is sensibly well designed, and could be included in the GNOME
stack, I don't see why libcanberra should be pushed in that case.

What about openmoko? do you use libnotify? (maemo does)

Otherwise, we have to redesign libcanberra to focus on "sound" (ie having less
meta/info, and more control over the sound being played - optionnaly)


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