[Bug 773] Qemu should support -net usb -redir ......

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------- Additional Comments From hozer at hozed.org  2007-09-05 02:50 -------
The neo usb networking is supposed to work from both linux and windows (I am not
sure about MacOSX).

Having to (re)compile gadgetfs and dummy_hcd to be able to log into the emulated
neo via ssh seems quite silly to me. It's confusing for new users, and makes it
much more difficult and expensive to use the emulator on Windows or MacOSX. I
did get it working on my laptop, but not on my build host which is running
debian etch with a 2.6.18 kernel. (gadgetfs and dummy_hcd continously spewed errors)

It would be extremely nice to have a qemu binary package for both Windows and
OSX that can allow someone wanting to try out the openmoko device without having
to run an emulator in an emulator.

Must we close this? Can't we leave it open as an enhancement for someone in the
community to fix?

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