[Bug 773] Qemu should support -net usb -redir ......

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------- Additional Comments From balrogg at gmail.com  2007-09-05 18:01 -------
It would work in Windows and MacOS if they didn't lack gadgetfs support - this
lack should be compensated for in these projects instead of in qemu. Ofcourse if
someone implements a workaround in qemu (which shouldn't be difficult because it
would mainly consist of copying and pasting the kernel code into qemu) it can be
merged into qemu-neo1973 tree, but not upstream. See the problems qemu already
has with maintaining slirp in our cvs - this would add a very similar issue of
maintaining code that belongs in a separate project.

For networking, fixing the USB NIC from
http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qemu-devel/2006-11/msg00044.html may be
easier. Other possibilities are networking over emulated bluetooth or GPRS but
they will have the same problems of a lot of code not fitting in qemu.

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