[Bug 831] moko_gsmd_connection_init should check for multiple instances

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Thu Sep 13 12:38:05 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From gnu at openmoko.toad.com  2007-09-13 12:38 -------
Howabout something simpler?  If the GUI stuff can't talk to gsmd, they just fail
temporarily, and they try again whenever you poke at them to do something.  This
would be far superior to having each of them try to kill and restart the daemon!!!

Right now it tries to connect when it starts up, and if it fails (and fails to
kill and restart) then the app just fails forever; it never tries to reconnect
e.g. when the user asks to turn on the GSM or power up the antenna.

Then just adding a simple way to start and stop daemons in the GUI (e.g. one
more item in neod that runs /etc/init.d/[something] [start|stop|restart]) would
let people circumvent bugs that crash daemons.  At worst, people could use the
terminal for this.

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