[Bug 808] Nonexistent $HOME breaks stuff

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Sat Sep 15 01:06:17 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From cwixon at usa.net  2007-09-15 01:06 -------
Curious behavior.

I had occasion to flash a new rootfs, and in so doing, I left /home on the
default filesystem.

Even when /home/root and /root both exist, I still get HOME=/ in the login shell
and not the value it's set to in /etc/passwd.

I can fix this by specifically extracting the value from /etc/passwd in a script
sourced by /etc/profile (e.g. in my case, /etc/profile.d/userprofile.sh):

export HOME="`cat /etc/passwd | grep ^$USER | awk

This is a successful workaround, but shouldn't this variable be set
automatically by the login process (/bin/tinylogin) based on the contents of

Finally, as a followup to my initial comment, section (1), I don't believe the
hardcoded value in Xinit is ever being set.  The remaining comments stand.

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