[Bug 848] A charger mode for uboot

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Mon Sep 17 21:39:43 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From laforge at openmoko.org  2007-09-17 21:39 -------
1) in a bettery without coulomb counter there is no way to obtain battery charge
2) if the battery is discharged too much, we cannot even start u-boot but will
have to do 100ma charging until u-boot can be charged
3) solving this properly will require lots of time and lots of measurements, as
well as fixing all current leaks caused by unclean driver shutdown, etc. 
otherwise the battery will continue to discharge when the device is powered off
any way.

all in all, I don't really see anyone looking into this issue anytime soon.  it
requires all our resources to only get the basics working.  anything else is a
nice disctraction for some future time.

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