[Bug 562] gsmd init script causes sysrq message

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Fri Sep 21 17:41:51 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From balrogg at gmail.com  2007-09-21 17:41 -------
When testing I still had "console=ttyS0" in the boot parameters.  When I removed
it, as suggested by Daniel Willmann, the serial driver now receives two Rx
interrupts and the SysRq message went away. At the first interrupt it reads a
character 0xe0 from the modem, with no error indicated in UERSTAT - I don't know
where this may be coming from. Then immediately after, a second IRQ comes and
UERSTAT now indicates a Break-condition, a Parity-error and a Frame-error like
before.  However, the 'A' character that comes next doesn't trigger the SysRq
message anymore, maybe the period between the break condition and the 'A' is now
longer (there's a timeout check in the code).

I should note that it only happens after the battery had been removed before
turning the phone on.  The behavior was identical all four times I tried booting
after removing the console on ttyS0.

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