[Bug 883] Audible GSM interference when making a call

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Thu Sep 27 20:15:01 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From hozer at hozed.org  2007-09-27 20:15 -------
I am now running the qtopia kernel & image, and I am seeing the same issue. It's
actually a T-Mobile tower with iWireless service, and when I am in a stairwell
at work with no bars of signal, I can hear the interference on the other end of
the call with a sprint treo 650.

The audible interference changes with orientation, and where my hand is placed,
so it appears that GSM RF signal is getting conducted by my hand to both the
microphone input and the speaker output.

In my office, with two bars of signal, the interference is only audible if it's
quiet (my macbook fan running full speed drowns it out), and only on the speaker
when both my head and hand are near the phone.

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