Openmoko Bug #2148: [2009.11 testing] Settings application fails to open

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Mon Dec 1 14:49:41 CET 2008

#2148: [2009.11 testing] Settings application fails to open
 Reporter:  iknowjoseph  |          Owner:  julian_chu  
     Type:  defect       |         Status:  new         
 Priority:  normal       |      Milestone:              
Component:  Distro       |        Version:  Om2008.9-dev
 Severity:  normal       |       Keywords:              
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Changes (by john_lee):

 * cc: ray_chao@…, julian_chu@… (added)
  * owner:  openmoko-devel => julian_chu
  * component:  unknown => Distro


 your attachment shows
  python-etk - git-r0.02 -
 while it should really be
  python-etk - 1:0.3.0+svnr36882-r0.01 -
 It turns out there are two problems here:
 1. There is already PE="1" in asu.stable, so it has to be PE="2" in
 to exceed it.
 2. The Packages file in  shows the
 version of python-etk to be 0.3.0+svn36882-r0.01, the "1:" is missing.
 Julian, please work with Ray to find out what's wrong on the build server.


 opkg -force-depends remove python-etk
 opkg install python-etk

 this will solve your problem.

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