Openmoko Bug #2150: package illume-0.0+svnr35818-r13: task do_fetch: failed

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Tue Dec 2 05:43:17 CET 2008

#2150: package illume-0.0+svnr35818-r13: task do_fetch: failed
 Reporter:  frankmpunkt  |          Owner:  julian_chu        
     Type:  defect       |         Status:  new               
 Priority:  normal       |      Milestone:                    
Component:  Distro       |        Version:  unspecified       
 Severity:  normal       |       Keywords:  illume fetch build
 Haspatch:  0            |      Blockedby:                    
Estimated:               |    Patchreview:                    
 Blocking:               |   Reproducible:  always            

Comment(by julian_chu):

 Hi, thanks for the report.

 E upstream changed the path of illume. Openmoko fixed the revision of
 illume to 36882 before E do a new release.

 However, the path of illume supposed to be correct with revision 36882.

 something interesting is that svn command will fail if you use "svn co -r
 36882 http://URL/illume" but successed if you use "svn co
 http://URL/illume@36882". It means you will get different result if you
 use different checkout command.

 The bad news is that OE use previous one so it will be failed.

 The good news is that there is a cache on
 OE will checkout it first.

 We are trying to solve this problem.

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