Openmoko Bug #1158: Charging stops even while connected

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Wed Dec 3 01:18:55 CET 2008

#1158: Charging stops even while connected
 Reporter:  plr@…             |          Owner:  openmoko-devel
     Type:  defect            |         Status:  new           
 Priority:  high              |      Milestone:  Om2008.10     
Component:  System Software   |        Version:  unspecified   
 Severity:  critical          |     Resolution:                
 Keywords:  power management  |      Blockedby:                
 Blocking:                    |   Reproducible:  sometimes     

Comment(by lindi):

 I found a crude workaround: If battery capacity is less than 95% and the
 battery is in state "Not charging" I switch to usb host mode and back to
 device mode. After that battery switches back to "Charging" state and you
 should always have a full battery if you have left the phone to charge
 over night. My script to do this is very ugly but I thought I should
 mention it here anyway:

 set -e

 if [ ! -d $dir ]; then

 while true; do
     echo -n "`date -Iseconds` `date +%s`"
     for i in type status voltage_now current_now charge_full temp
 technology present time_to_empty_now time_to_full_now capacity online; do
         val="`cat $dir/$i | sed 's/ /_/'`"
         echo -n " $val"
     val="`cut -d' ' -f2 /proc/loadavg`"
     echo -n " $val"
     echo ""
     if [ "`cat $dir/capacity`" -lt 95 ]; then
         if [ "`cat $dir/status`" = "Not charging" ]; then
     sleep 120

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