Openmoko Bug #2161: [wifi] wpa_supplicant PEM decoding error

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Sat Dec 6 08:37:13 CET 2008

#2161: [wifi] wpa_supplicant PEM decoding error
 Reporter:  ksnieck  |          Owner:  julian_chu
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 I have wpa_supplicant setup exactly the same as on a working system to
 connect to a WPA2 enterprise AP that uses certificates for authentication.
 I get the following relevant error bits from -ddd

 Failed to read client cert/key in PEM format: Base64 decoding error.
 Failed to read client cert/key in DER format: ASN1 parser: Error in DER
 TLS: Failed to set TLS connection parameters
 EAP-TLS: Failed to initialize SSL.

 I found the base64 command to be missing from the default software install
 and think that might be the problem. (the certs are in PEM format)

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