Openmoko Bug #69: Speed up System Initialization

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Thu Dec 11 08:47:04 CET 2008

#69: Speed up System Initialization
    Reporter:  mickey@…             |        Owner:             
        Type:  enhancement          |       Status:  assigned   
    Priority:  high                 |    Milestone:  Om2008.10  
   Component:  Distro               |      Version:  unspecified
    Severity:  normal               |   Resolution:             
    Keywords:  Om2008.11            |     Haspatch:  0          
   Blockedby:                       |    Estimated:             
 Patchreview:                       |     Blocking:  1845       
Reproducible:                       |  
Changes (by olv):

  * owner:  olv =>


 3. change the theme of enlightenment init screen

 Using qi as the bootloader, and taking out enlightenment-init and hal, it
 is possible to reduce from 50s to 35s.

 This is on GTA02 with qtopia.  With fso, it is not impossible to make a
 phone within 1 min since power on.

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