Openmoko Bug #69: Speed up System Initialization

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Thu Dec 11 12:02:00 CET 2008

#69: Speed up System Initialization
    Reporter:  mickey@…             |        Owner:             
        Type:  enhancement          |       Status:  assigned   
    Priority:  high                 |    Milestone:  Om2008.10  
   Component:  Distro               |      Version:  unspecified
    Severity:  normal               |   Resolution:             
    Keywords:  Om2008.11            |     Haspatch:  0          
   Blockedby:                       |    Estimated:             
 Patchreview:                       |     Blocking:  1845       
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Comment(by andy):

 Yes bootloader has already been rewritten into Qi and rejects everything
 that wastes time in U-Boot.  There's possibly another 500ms that can come
 out of it by playing some difficult tricks but that is it now since it
 only spends like 3-4s there in total.

 I don't think the kernel boot phase can lose much more either, it gets
 into INIT in a few more seconds.  For Qi -> SD Card boot on GTA02 now it's
 11s from pressing power button to Ash prompt.

 We need to start packaging Qi (Mickey wrote a bb file for it already) into
 the repos and making sure that the kernel package is compatible (Qi needs
 the kernel file in /boot/uImage-GTA02.bin rather than just
 /boot/uImage.bin to allow for multiple kernels in the same rootfs).  But I
 realize with recent events it didn't just get any easier to get things
 packaged  :-((

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