Openmoko Bug #2127: [python-bindings] upgrade path from 2008.9 broken

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Thu Dec 11 23:09:06 CET 2008

#2127: [python-bindings] upgrade path from 2008.9 broken
 Reporter:  marek   |          Owner:  john_lee  
     Type:  defect  |         Status:  in_testing
 Priority:  normal  |      Milestone:            
Component:  Distro  |        Version:            
 Severity:  normal  |       Keywords:  Om2008.11 
 Haspatch:  0       |      Blockedby:            
Estimated:          |    Patchreview:            
 Blocking:          |   Reproducible:  always    

Comment(by BillK):

 As requested by John Lee on the community list:

 Had to kill the running first.  i tried the force-depends
 remove in bug 2088, as well as reinstalling all the ecore packages already

 killall: no process killed
 ~# -f run
 [Etk-Warning] (ecore_evas_x11.c:190 - _engine_init()):
 Ecore_X initialization failed!

 [Etk-Warning] (etk_engine.c:221 - etk_engine_load()):
 Etk can not initialize the requested engine!

 Segmentation fault

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