Openmoko Bug #1158: Charging stops even while connected

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Tue Dec 16 23:01:00 CET 2008

#1158: Charging stops even while connected
    Reporter:  plr@…             |        Owner:  openmoko-devel
        Type:  defect            |       Status:  reopened      
    Priority:  high              |    Milestone:  Om2008.10     
   Component:  System Software   |      Version:  unspecified   
    Severity:  blocker           |   Resolution:                
    Keywords:  power management  |     Haspatch:  0             
   Blockedby:                    |    Estimated:                
 Patchreview:                    |     Blocking:                
Reproducible:  sometimes         |  

Comment(by werner):

 But is it really at 4.0V ? I looked at the sources of u-boot, Qi, and the
 kernel, and they all agree that they set it to 4.2V and/or never change it
 from there. I decoded the dump above and it says

 44 MBCC2 = 0x28 -- MBC charger control 2
         00 (0x0): 2_7V
     vmax -- Vbat(float)prog
         1010 (0xa): 4000+20*10 = 4200 mV
     vresdebtime -- debounce time for Vth(RES)
         0 (0x0): 32s

 The tool for it is something I wrote a long time ago. It's in
 To decode a raw dump of whitespace-separated hex bytes starting at
 register 0 (like the one included above), run
 and paste the raw dump.

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