Openmoko Bug #1158: Charging stops even while connected

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Wed Dec 17 00:18:03 CET 2008

#1158: Charging stops even while connected
    Reporter:  plr@…             |        Owner:  openmoko-devel
        Type:  defect            |       Status:  reopened      
    Priority:  high              |    Milestone:  Om2008.10     
   Component:  System Software   |      Version:  unspecified   
    Severity:  blocker           |   Resolution:                
    Keywords:  power management  |     Haspatch:  0             
   Blockedby:                    |    Estimated:                
 Patchreview:                    |     Blocking:                
Reproducible:  sometimes         |  

Comment(by werner):

 Unfortunately, since this is also the charging cut-off voltage,
 there's not a lot of room for increase. With 4.2V, we're already
 at the standard charge parameters of the cell (looking at the GTA01
 cell's datasheet here). Hearsay has it that the cell won't mind
 another 50-100mV, though ... (worst case should be that we trip
 the protection circuit)

 For an accurate "never let it drain below X%" rule, we probably
 need the coulomb counter. So it sounds like a user space problem
 after all :-)

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