Openmoko Bug #2188: Use AUX button to adjust volume in a call

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Sun Dec 28 10:52:13 CET 2008

#2188: Use AUX button to adjust volume in a call
 Reporter:  wilk         |          Owner:  openmoko-devel
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 The volume bar in 2008.12 is a good thing but it's not very convenient to
 slide it when you're not using a headset. Since we don't have many buttons
 available, maybe we could use the AUX button, conveniently close to the
 right index finger to adjust the volume level with something like :
 * short press : increase volume by x%
 * longer press : decrease volume by same amount.

 I've no idea if it's easy or even doable but in my opinion, it would
 greatly improve the quality of calls.

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