Openmoko Bug #1267: Strong echo when calling a Neo from another phone

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Mon Dec 29 04:44:20 CET 2008

#1267: Strong echo when calling a Neo from another phone
 Reporter:  mail@…             |          Owner:  sean_chiang
     Type:  defect             |         Status:  in_testing 
 Priority:  high               |      Milestone:             
Component:  Audio              |        Version:  unspecified
 Severity:  normal             |     Resolution:             
 Keywords:  audio, echo        |      Blockedby:             
 Blocking:  1640               |   Reproducible:             

Comment(by nelg):

 Replying to [comment:27 TimoJyrinki]:
 > I guess this could be marked as fixed, as the hardware echo suppressions
 are enabled in also stable now (2008.12). Are they enabled for both
 incoming and outgoing calls now?

 I am still getting told the is a strong echo on the line when I make calls
 to other people using om2008.12.  I don't hear an echo on my end.

 When I try using: the
 echo goes away, but call volume is quite low and hard to hear.

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