Openmoko Bug #2191: /opt/Qtopia/plugins/phonevendors/ is missing symbol _ZN13QModemService17setDefaultCharsetERK7QString

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Mon Dec 29 08:30:31 CET 2008

#2191: /opt/Qtopia/plugins/phonevendors/ is missing symbol
 Reporter:  xbaldauf  |          Owner:  openmoko-devel
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Comment(by xbaldauf):

 I tracked this down to;a=blob;f=devices/ficgta01/src/plugins/phonevendors/ficgta01/vendor_ficgta01_p.h;h=c2cc1e33fb50bce75733f2f9a09c870f9c4307fc;hb=HEAD
 line 489 ("setDefaultCharset(DEFAULT_CHARSET);"). Presumably, this method
 called is defined in a superclass, which presumably is defined in
 "/opt/Qtopia/lib/". When analyzing this file,
 I found other (old) copies of that file dangling in my system (e.g.
 "/opt/Qtopia/lib/" and
 "/opt/Qtopia/lib/") from the
 time where there was a need for patching around various problems. The pure
 existence of these libraries in turn confused "ldconfig" such that the
 symlink from "/opt/Qtopia/lib/" did not point to
 ""/opt/Qtopia/lib/" but to

 Thus, removing the files
 "/opt/Qtopia/lib/" as well as
 "/opt/Qtopia/lib/" and
 subsequently running "ldconfig" solved this problem.

 Thus, in the end, the conclusion is to not change files under control of a
 package management system directly, rather than that, supply replacement
 packages which will be cleanly removed once an upgrade is available.

 This bug can be closed.

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