Openmoko Bug #2192: Om2008.12 "asu" theme does not have keyboard

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Mon Dec 29 11:18:00 CET 2008

#2192: Om2008.12 "asu" theme does not have keyboard
 Reporter:  xbaldauf  |          Owner:  openmoko-devel
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 The "illume" theme of "Om2008.12" has a "querty" button as well as a
 "wrench" symbol for changing the settings.
 The "asu" theme of "Om2008.12" is missing both a "querty" button and a
 "wrench" symbol for changing the settings. The recommendations of do not work here, because it
 is not the "illume" theme affected, but the "asu" theme. In previous
 releases (Om2008.9, Om2008.8), this has not been a problem, because the
 "illume" theme and the "asu" theme apparently looked identical for some
 reason. However, in "Om2008.12", mixing the bright "illume" theme with the
 black|dark themed Qtopia applications is a gross style error. Thus,
 fallback to the "illume" theme of Om2008.12 is not an option.

 As a side-effect, it is not possible to change "cache dir" paths in the
 tangoGPS configuration pane when using the "asu" theme, because no
 keyboard pops up and no keyboard can be made pop up manually.

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