[Bug 1177] '-e command' support for virtual terminal

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------- Additional Comments From haakeyar-mailinglists at bluezone.no  2008-02-07 21:13 -------
Your fix has a couple of small problems.

The arguments are parsed before you call Gtk.init(), so none of the standard 
GTK command line options will work. Try for example to run ./openmoko-terminal2 
This could of course easily be fixed by moving the parsing down below the call 
to Gtk.init(), but why use manual parsing with hardcoded argument positions 
instead of just hooking into the argument parsing done by GTK? This will also 
give you a nice help-page. See http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/stable/gtk-

I have two patches that will do just that. The first one is very simple and 
will just implement the -e/--command option like you did. The second one will 
in addition to this, implement an -x/--execute option, like the one in gnome-
terminal, but it is more hacky than the first patch. Please have a look at the 
comments in the second patch - it can probably be improved by someone with more 
Vala/C experience (I don't have any experience with either, except from 
experimenting with openmoko-terminal).

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