[Bug 1194] Touchscreen Jitter

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------- Additional Comments From thebohemian at gmx.net  2008-02-11 16:36 -------
This is probably related if not I will open a new PR:

If I have a fullscreen SDL application and use the stylus to click near the
screen borders SDL's internal mouse pointer variables go nuts. What happens is
that if you click near the right/left border, the y coordinate gets a big offset
(from the real location) vice versa for the up/bottom border. Now you might say,
that this is a SDL issue but I think it has to do with the values reported by
the touchscreen. If run tsprint I get negative values for the top/left border
and values equal or bigger than the display width/height for the right/bottom

If SDL - for some reason - does not expect this to happen it might choke on it.
I am looking forward to provide a test application.

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