[Bug 1236] New: Xglamo

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Tue Feb 26 08:32:54 CET 2008


           Summary: Xglamo
           Product: Neo1973 Hardware
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Neo1973
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: Screen
        AssignedTo: dodji at openedhand.com
        ReportedBy: julian_chu at openmoko.com
                CC: buglog at lists.openmoko.org,chris at openedhand.com

Kernel: uImage-2.6.24+svnr4096-r4055-r3-neo1973.bin      (22-Feb-2008 00:17  1.7M)
        (20-Feb-2008 01:28   49M)

(from buildhost)

I am using GTA02v5 and the kernel , rootfs.

When I enter the X, everything looks fine.
But, if I add some jobs, like Calculator, Terminal and Dialer.
Then I switch them as soon, the "openmoko-today" will be idle.

Then I connect to Neo via USB to get a console, I saw Xglamo and openmoko-today
make CPU have 100% loading.

  PID USER      PR  NI  VIRT  RES  SHR S %CPU %MEM    TIME+  COMMAND           
 2218 root      19  -1 15752 8608 4176 R 59.3  6.8   8:35.24 Xglamo            
 2247 root      20   0 35016  14m 9772 S 37.6 12.1   5:06.71 openmoko-today

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