[Bug 1153] Dialer talking window isn't closed, when caller hung up call

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[PATCH] Hide dialer window when caller hang up


* src/phone-kit/moko-talking.c: (moko_talking_incoming_call),
  (moko_talking_outgoing_call), (moko_talking_accepted_call:
  Set title of talking window.

* src/phone-kit/moko-talking.c: (on_reject_clicked),
  (on_cancel_clicked), (moko_talking_init):
  Be sure that timer was initialized before removing it. Don't
  stop animation, when silence button was pressed.

* src/phone-kit/moko-talking.c: (on_silence_clicked):
  Don't stop animation, when silence button was pressed.

* src/phone-kit/moko-talking.[ch]: (moko_talking_hide_window):
  Added function to hide talking window.

* src/phone-kit/moko-dialer.c: (on_call_progress):
  Hide talking window when call was missed
  or caller hang up call.

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