[Bug 1149] Incoming calls work perfectly, but outgoing calls silently fail.

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Wed Jan 9 16:18:41 CET 2008


------- Additional Comments From andrew at orospakr.ca  2008-01-09 16:18 -------
An update:

I tried two other SIM cards, one from Fido and one from Rogers from two friends
(one of which was known good in another Neo).  Both of them work properly
(interestingly enough, one fellow got his SIM card replaced by the carrier after
he too had some strange stability issues with it in his Neo).

It seems like this is a SIM card-specific issue (this one dates from ~2005), but
it works fine in my Nokia 8390.

So, I think this is actually a Calypso hardware bug.  I wonder if the reported
firmware update fixes it...

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