[Bug 1169] cannot receive SMS in openmoko-messages2 application

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Thu Jan 10 11:47:09 CET 2008


------- Additional Comments From chris at openedhand.com  2008-01-10 11:47 -------
I sent this AT command to the modem and receiving a text message still worked
for me - I don't know what to suggest here. I guess for whatever reason incoming
messages aren't being stored correctly on your phone, but I can't reproduce this. 

Sending a message to myself on my neo (with delivery report set on), I get this
in my x.log:

** (openmoko-messages:1163): DEBUG: Sending message 'test' to +44XXXXXXXXXX
** (matchbox-panel-2:1138): DEBUG: CIPHER event: data = 96, 2, 0
** (matchbox-panel-2:1138): DEBUG: gsm_applet_update_cipher_status: status = 96
** (matchbox-panel-2:1138): DEBUG: battery_applet: timeout
** (phone-kit:1136): DEBUG: Sent message accepted
** (phone-kit:1136): DEBUG: Received incoming SMS
** (phone-kit:1136): DEBUG: Message inline
** (phone-kit:1136): DEBUG: Decoding 7-bit ASCII message
** (phone-kit:1136): DEBUG: Moving message to journal:
** (phone-kit:1136): DEBUG: Playing
** (matchbox-panel-2:1138): DEBUG: CIPHER event: data = 321, 2, 0
** (matchbox-panel-2:1138): DEBUG: gsm_applet_update_cipher_status: status = 321
** (phone-kit:1136): DEBUG: Playing done
** (phone-kit:1136): DEBUG: Cancelling
** (phone-kit:1136): DEBUG: Received sent SMS status report
** (phone-kit:1136): DEBUG: Report signals success

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