[Bug 65] Visual indication for SMS overflow

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Mon Jan 21 17:23:08 CET 2008


------- Additional Comments From chris at openedhand.com  2008-01-21 17:23 -------
This all works now as much as is possible - When phone memory runs low, it
closes the phone's SMS store and waits until memory becomes available again (and
then reopens).

Indicator is a flashing GTK_SAVE icon in the panel and a notification pops up
saying what kind of memory has run low - the notification can be dismissed, the
panel applet will flash until the problem is resolved (if the notification is
still visible, it will also disappear on resolution).

Will attach a .bb with the panel applet.

Now waiting on gsmd interface to query current sms memory status and signal to
know when memory becomes free again (or I can poll a query if that's necessary)

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