[Bug 956] GTA02 charging with 1000mA using wall-outlet charger

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Wed Jan 23 10:38:07 CET 2008


------- Additional Comments From msmakela at gmail.com  2008-01-23 10:38 -------
Is there any update on this bug? Will the GTA02 follow the OMTP spec for
charging that may have been available at
<http://www.omtp.org/docs/OMTP_Local_Data_Connectivity_v1_0.pdf> but I sadly
have not come across?

The Battery Charging Specification of the USB Implementers Forum
does not mention any 48k resistor as in the bug description. Instead, it says
that dedicated chargers must identify themselves by shorting D+ and D- with at
most 200 ohms resistance. Unfortunately for me, this means that the only USB
port on the GTA02 can't be used for charging and talking to a USB device at the
same time. I hope you can implement some user-space hook that makes the GTA02
believe that an attached USB device (not host) also is a dedicated charger.

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