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#666: 3G SIM capability
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 I've just noticed, my Cingular branded 3G sim (7300G 3021) will not work
 if it's seated correctly; but will work, and can be locked into place,
 seated slight off. If I push the sim a little bit in the direction of the
 notch, it seems to work. With the discussion of the appearance of the
 circuit side of the sim, I took a look at the contacts for accessing the
 sim in my Nokia 6102, and my Neo1973, and noticed the pins are in slightly
 different places, which is how i figured this out. This might also explain
 why some sims will work for some people, some of the time.  This also
 might only happen for some sims. If this theory makes sense to anyone
 other than me, I can take photos of my sim, as well as the contacts for
 the sims in the two phones to compare.

 In fact, when comparing the sim to the specifications found in Annex A of
 this file, the contacts on the
 left side (away from the big notch) do not fully cover the square
 indicated, It looks like at least some of the pins on the 1973 may contact
 the center section instead of the contacts they're supposed to.  On an
 older cingular sim (64k which I couldn't get activated), has the contacts
 shaped differently than the new sim, they bulge in the center and the
 contacts on the left side go more to the right.  It looks like the pins on
 the 1973 are towards the right edge of the allowed contact region (for all
 pins), but the nokia has the pins on the left on the left side of the
 region, and the pins on the right towards the right side.

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