Openmoko Bug #1638: Replace current progress bar with asterisk progress wheel

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Thu Jul 17 14:42:16 CEST 2008

#1638: Replace current progress bar with asterisk progress wheel
 Reporter:  will         |        Owner:  raster
     Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  new   
 Priority:  high         |    Milestone:  ASU   
Component:  E - Illume   |      Version:        
 Severity:  normal       |   Resolution:        
 Keywords:  must have    |     Blocking:        
Blockedby:               |  

Comment(by raster):

 simple version: can't do it. no compositing. (i can go into the technical
 nastiness of how it possibly can be done with a fair bit of work... but it
 would be a really ugly hack).

 i need to repeat this:


 unless you want the wheel below application windows... and below the top
 bar. i can do it within the canvas.

 please... august 8 is coming. don't add new things to do now. the current
 code pops up (slides in) a window at the bottom of the screen allowing the
 rest of the screen still to be used while it's busy. it's simple and
 works. if u want a different icon in that bar - ok.

 either that or can you live with this being UNDER windows and UNDER the

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