Openmoko Bug #1641: opkg upgrade blows away custom volume settings

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Sat Jul 19 02:58:00 CEST 2008

#1641: opkg upgrade blows away custom volume settings
 Reporter:  hedora   |       Owner:  openmoko-devel
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 The *.state files used to control alsa profiles are stored in /usr, and
 get overwritten without prompting by opkg upgrade.

 This is really irritating, since it makes my headphones really loud, and
 there's no way practical to change the volume back via the current phone
 UI.  Worse, mediaplayer's volume setting doesn't go low enough to make the
 default settings usable with my headphones...

 Shouldn't these be treated as configuration files (so they're not
 automatically reverted to default values), and be stored in /etc or ~?

 Perhaps it could let people override the defaults by checking for a copy
 of each *.state file in ~/.openmoko or /etc/openmoko before applying the
 default state.  Then a comment could be added to the files in /usr
 directing people to create / edit copies elsewhere.

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