Openmoko Bug #1684: WLAN to default to off on Freerunner, switchable down /sys

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Tue Jul 29 12:39:24 CEST 2008

#1684: WLAN to default to off on Freerunner, switchable down /sys
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 GTA02 WLAN is actually always on, but it takes a power and reset signal
 from GPIO.

 Until now, machine init always powered the thing up by these, adding 300ms
 to early boot and causing it to eat more power for the whole session.

 I already have a patch that exposes the power_on and reset GPIO same as
 done for bt, I will test it (particularly SDIO autodetect is a question,
 the code seems to be there) shortly.

 The impact on userspace is going to be that dumb initscripts that expect
 eth0 there are going to fail now.  It really needs to be done via udev, so
 the WLAN device can randomly appear and then get configured by
 NetworkManager or whatever.

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