Openmoko Bug #1686: packagekit on depends on newer opkg

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Tue Jul 29 13:04:53 CEST 2008

#1686: packagekit on depends on newer opkg
 Reporter:  cesarb  |       Owner:  julian_chu
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  new       
 Priority:  normal  |   Milestone:            
Component:  Distro  |     Version:            
 Severity:  normal  |    Keywords:            
 Blocking:          |   Blockedby:            
 which is the revision compiled by, needs a recent
 revision of opkg because it calls opkg_repository_accessibility_check() on
 backends/opkg/pk-backend-opkg.c. That function was added on r4528, which
 is less than the r4558 found on conf/distro/include/;
 however, there is a couple of lines in conf/distro/include/preferred- which override that and force the SRCREV of opkg to
 be 4488, thus making the packagekit compile fail.

 The fix is simply to comment out both SRCREV lines at conf/distro/include
 /, letting the lines at
 determine the revision to be used.

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