Openmoko Bug #1695: opkg r4562 segfaults like hell

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Wed Jul 30 14:26:25 CEST 2008

#1695: opkg r4562 segfaults like hell
 Reporter:  koen     |        Owner:  tick            
     Type:  defect   |       Status:  accepted        
 Priority:  highest  |    Milestone:                  
Component:  opkg     |      Version:  current svn head
 Severity:  blocker  |   Resolution:                  
 Keywords:           |     Blocking:                  
Blockedby:           |  

Comment(by tick):

 In my testing I printed some debug message out, and then it does not crash
 at all.  However if I remove debug message, it starts crashes.
 (Why some delay helps? Racing condition?)

 The following patch can avoid crash. But I don't think it's the real
 That means there are someone pointing to the installed_files but not
 adding reference count.

 Index: pkg.c
 --- pkg.c       (revision 4562)
 +++ pkg.c       (working copy)
 @@ -1737,7 +1737,7 @@
                // opkg_message(conf, OPKG_DEBUG2, "pkg %s: file=%s\n",
 pkg->name, installed_file);
                file_hash_set_file_owner(conf, installed_file, pkg);
 -         pkg_free_installed_files(pkg);
 +         //pkg_free_installed_files(pkg);

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