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#666: 3G SIM capability
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Comment(by openmoko at

 Many images.

 First, two images to show what I mean by having the sim seated slightly
 off:  The key things visible here
 are: there is a gap between the sim and the corner of the holder in the
 upper left when seated incorrectly, the upper right hand area of the sim
 (notch area) is tweaked on that corner of the holder when seated
 incorrectly.  When seated correctly, there is no gap, and you can see the
 corner of the holder in the notch area.

 Most of the sims I have access to do not work (can't get imsi) when seated
 correctly (as defined above), but I can get the imsi when seated
 incorrectly.  The exceptions are: Cingular 64-k will work in both positions,
 AT&T 3G (71234G 3022) will not work in either position

 The other sims I tried:

 Cingular 3G (73000G 3021)
 Virgin Mobile UK
 T-Mobile US

 I tried to photo graph the pins to illustrate the alignment issue I
 mentioned, but I don't know how well I did.  Here are the 1973's pins: and with a sim for reference  And the same for my Nokia

 Notes: Sorry about the blurring, I did the best I could without a tripod.
 I threw away about 4x the images that I have left.  I think these are
 pretty reasonable.  I edited out the IMEI and the serial numbers, and used
 the VM UK sim in the images where the top shows because it has no personal
 information (the phone number listed is the number for service, and you
 can't read it anyway).  The only SIM which has active service is the AT&T
 3G sim which I can't get to work :(.

 I don't know how much (if any) of this applies to the FreeRunner, as it
 has a different SIM connector (with 8 pins instead of 6 at least), and I
 don't have access to a FreeRunner. I would also like to suggest that if
 the issue is related to positioning of the pins, getting a sim that
 matches the contacts is probably a better idea than trying to tweak the

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