Openmoko Bug #1420: Battery icon does not change immediately when plug USB or Charger.

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Fri Jun 20 06:53:30 CEST 2008

#1420: Battery icon does not change immediately when plug USB or Charger.
 Reporter:  regina_kim at  |        Owner:  zecke at
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Component:  ASU                      |      Version:  GTA02v5           
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 I looked into this and it is complicated. The hardware gives us an event
 when we plug in a powersource (charger, usb cable) but we do not get any
 events when the PMU starts to charge or when the battery recognizes it is
 getting charged.

 So we have probably these three alternatives and should settle for one:
    a) Be happy that we will give instant charging feedback with the red
 led and just wait for the next poll interval of illume (e, batget)

    b) When we get a power source insert event start a task to poll the
 battery for a couple of times to check if its state is changing
 (discharging -> charging, discharging -> full). From my attempts it looks
 like it is taking seconds (~3) before it is recognizing it is getting
 charged. The question is what do we win over the regular polling of illume
 (e, batget) as the charging feedback will not be instant

    c) hack batget.c to show charging when a battery source got attached
 (even if it is not yet charging).

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